About Us

Our Clinic

  • North Island Physical Therapy | Physical Therapy Stony Brook NY

Our Unique Method

  • One-on-one Manual Therapy
  • Biomechanical Analysis and Training
  • Individualized Home Exercise System
  • Wellness Programs

North Island Physical Therapy is well known in the community for achieving excellence in one-to-one manual therapy. Our method is based heavily on the practice strategies established by the Institute of Physical Art. This specific strategy is focused on manual therapy techniques designed to improve function and decrease pain. Our therapists are well trained in all facets of rehabilitation, with primary focus on orthopedic and neurologic injuries.

At North Island PT every treatment plan is based specifically on the needs and limitations of the patient. Once an appropriate plan of care is established, therapists will begin treatments that include 20 minutes of hands on care in one of our 3 private treatment rooms, specific therapeutic exercise program designed to address limitations in mobility, strength, and stability, and appropriate modalities (heat, ice, TENS) to manage inflammation and stiffness.


At our clinic we believe strongly in an active approach to rehabilitation. While we stress a focus on manual therapy, we encourage our patients to play an active role in their own rehabilitation. Therapists at NIPT take pride in their role as educators, assisting patients establish proper means of managing symptoms by way of home exercise, postural re-education, body mechanics training, and proper symptom management.

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