"I came in with a very sore right knee which was making it hard to walk and climb stairs. My craft room is down stairs and at this time of year I felt a need to use it more. My knee is now excellent, I have little to no pain and can walk the stairs one foot after the other."

--- Rosemarie C.

"North Island PT helped me a lot. I had trouble with my knee locking up when going up and down stairs, and was in a lot of pain. Thanks to PT I no longer have that problem. The staff was excellent, very caring, and kind people. One on one help, and any questions were always answered."

--- Palma G.

"My heartfelt THANKS to ROB and NIPT to help me get back into shape to finish the Oct, 8th 2016 HARTFORD FULL MARATHON. The past 2 years, I have had several episodes of Hip and Heel issues that have prevented me from training and running a marathon, which I am most passionate about. Rob planned out a comprehensive treatment plan and patiently treated me to get me back on my feet. Thanks to his patience and the whole staff in helping me recover in a positive and healthy way."

--- Rama from Stony Brook

"When I first went to NIPT, I thought how are they going to help me? ...I was in so much pain form my back, neck, legs etc.. Walked in with a cane and now I can do the treadmill, stationery bike and exercise. I had been to 3 other PT places and this by far is the best one I have ever been to. There is so much one-on-one treatment. The place is immaculate; all tables are cleaned, pillow cases are changed after each use. There are purell soap dispensers throught out the PT area. (For me it can't be better, since I am a little bit germaphobe). There are private rooms when the hands on therapy is done. When I went to the 3 places before this I was out in the open and it was very uncomfortable. All the equipment is up-to-date and always in working order. I would recommend and have recommended NIPT, to anyone who is looking for a professional,clean, friendly, theraputic PT place."

--- Debbie G, Stony Brook NY

"These people are the best at what they do!"

--- Paul S, Port Jefferson Station NY

"Having had back issues since 2001, I've been treated by several physical therapists and North Island PT is the best of them all. The knowledge base and continued education of all the staff is impressive and after a few sessions I came to trust them and their recommendations completely. You won't get a cookie-cutter rehabilitation formula here. Each client is thoroughly examined and begins a program that has been specifically tailored for them. The treatment tables and equipment is cleaned between each clients use and the staff is friendly and informative."

--- Katherine S, Stony Brook NY

"For more than a decade, my condition had been worsening due to arthritis. Before you, I went through a series of P.T.'s who helped me a little. You helped a lot. Thanks to you, I am walking again and moving more easily. I am certain that your practice of manual therapy, along with your positive philosophy - focus on what you can do - has done nothing less than restore my mobility and my active life. Anyone in this area who suffers from chronic pain should know about you and North Island Physical Therapy."

--- Warren from Stony Brook

"I am extremely satisfied with the PT treatments I received at your facility. I can't say enough, and very impressed with the hands on, manual approach to PT. I've been to other facilities in the past and none of them come close to the staff, services, and treatments I received from your office."

--- Anthony from Stony Brook NY

"As a result of my injury, my life went from active to idle. North Island Physical Therapy treatment and techniques have give me my life back."

--- Joanne

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